What is DOIA?

The Downtown Ontario Improvement Association is a public benefit corporation whose primary function is to administer the Downtown Ontario Community Benefit Improvement District (CBD). Our goal is to keep Downtown Ontario clean, safe, and family-friendly, while also maximizing community benefit for business owners, property owners, and residents of the area. We plan to beautify the area, improve its functionality, and create a positive space in the city.

In 2018, the City of Ontario partnered with New City America, an organization committed to revitalizing city districts across the United States. Their mission is “to create efficient and self-sustaining cities, neighborhoods and public spaces for the generations of today, tomorrow and the future.”

In doing this, it is the goal of the DOIA to breathe new life into the downtown area, providing not only services and events to the public, but benefitting the locally owned businesses and property owners, as well. We hope to make downtown a destination point, and the epicenter of community events and community identity.

The CBD is funded entirely by the property and business owners of Downtown Ontario – they are making an investment into the city to improve and stimulate the local economy, while providing invaluable public benefit services to the people of Ontario.

Board of Directors

Alex Barorian – President

Rick Byrd – Vice President

Peggi Hazlett – Secretary

Maria Razo – Treasurer

Jennifer McLain Hiramoto – Board member

David Puscizna – Board member

Jack Gingold – Board member

Rolanda Saldana – Board member

Octavio Vazquez – Board member

Richard Galvez – Board member

Richard Centeno – Board member

Jerry Rowley – Board Member

Damien Melle – Board Member

Ismael Arias – Executive Director

What Will the DOIA Do?

The DOIA has a number of improvements planned for the downtown area, including but not limited to:

  • Regular sidewalk and gutter cleaning and sweeping
  • Beautification of the district – including planting trees and hanging flowers
  • Enhanced trash emptying, over and beyond current city services
  • Timely graffiti removal
  • Tree and vegetation maintenance
  • Maintenance of new and existing public spaces
  • Social media promotion and branding for local businesses and events
  • Security and case workers services to ensure a safe and family-friendly atmosphere

In providing these new services and growth, it is our goal to preserve our history, while also making room for advancement and shared experiences. We want to highlight the amazing businesses and people that make Ontario special, and ensure that Downtown Ontario can continue to be a hub of social unity.

DOIA Meetings and Agendas

Downtown Ontario Improvement Association Committee and Board of Directors’ meetings are held at the DOIA office located at 425 N. Euclid Avenue Ontario, CA 91762.

  • Civil Sidewalks Committee Meetings
    • Held the second Thursday of  January, March, May, July, September, and October at 9:00am.
  • District Identity Committee Meetings
    • Held every second Thursday of the month at 10:00am
  • Downtown Ontario Improvement Association Board of Directors Meetings
    • Held every third Thursday of the month at 9:00am

Ontario District 2020 Map