Community is a primary focus of the DOIA. As an organization that is working to renew the downtown area, a mainstay of this is what we want the public to participate in and benefit from the changes and improvements we are making.

The DOIA was formed out of a sense of community to begin with. The Community Benefit District (CBD) improvements will be funded by our very own business and property owners in the downtown area. These individuals are putting up their own resources to provide a better, safer, and more welcoming neighborhood for themselves and everyone who lives in or visits Downtown.

Creating a safe space where people can come together and enjoy a variety of pastimes is crucial for strengthening the sense of community in Ontario.  DOIA will continuously support the local residents by improving the district’s identity and making Downtown Ontario a destination point for both locals and visitors.

Many of the upcoming changes (check out our “About DOIA” page and our “What’s New” page to learn more!) are designed to benefit the public. By increasing safety and cleanliness measures, we are striving to maintain downtown as a secure and family-friendly environment.

Additionally, with the large variety of retail shops, eateries, and historic and cultural establishments, our hope is that there is something to draw in everyone, whether it be a margarita or a museum.

The people and community identity of Downtown is the foundation upon which DOIA is standing – and our aim is to build that foundation even stronger.