The Downtown Restaurant Equipment Loan Program was established to promote the growth of Downtown Ontario and support local businesses by filling vacant commercial spaces with sustainable options. We are looking to attract small, independent restaurants, wineries, craft breweries, eateries, and distilleries to the Downtown area.

If you are an eligible business owner who has leased a property within the designated area and purchased qualifying restaurant equipment, we can provide loans of up to $10,000 to help you get started.

How it Works

  • The loan balance is reduced by 20% every year you remain in business at the qualifying location until it is paid off (5 years).
  • If you stay in business at the qualifying location for five (5) years, the loan is canceled, and your promissory note is returned as paid in full.
  • If you leave before the five (5) year mark, the remaining loan amount is owed to the City.

Program Boundaries

To expand the program’s reach and include more businesses that could benefit from it, we have amended the program area to mirror the boundaries of the Downtown Ontario Improvement Association.

If you’re interested in participating in the program, please submit your completed application to the City of Ontario Economic Development Agency at 303 E. B Street Ontario, CA. 91764 or through email

We look forward to supporting your business and promoting sustainable growth in Downtown Ontario!

You can download the Program Application here.