Introducing Holt x Palm: A new retail store featuring stylish and highly curated home décor, plants,  books, and art as well as real estate and construction services delivers an L.A. shopping experience in  the heart of the Downtown Ontario Arts District.  

Holt x Palm will officially open its doors with a Ribbon Cutting and Grand Opening celebration Saturday  April 15, 2023. The fully reimagined 13,000 square foot historic building clad with a brightly colored  mural has positioned Holt x Palm to be the go-to destination for retail, real estate, and renovation. 

“By pairing a home decor retail store with our existing Real Estate and Construction services, Holt x Palm  is able to provide clients a complete and cohesive experience in a beautiful, inspirational environment”  says Mia Melle, Co-founder and Creative Director. “Whether you’re simply shopping for a new couch,  wish to renovate a whole home, or want to buy or sell a property, our team has the experience and  resources to get it done.” As an extra incentive, shoppers who utilize their Real Estate services to buy or  sell a home will enjoy a generous discount off any products in the retail store for a full year. 

“We’re thrilled to be part of the Downtown Ontario Arts District revitalization initiative” said founder  and CEO, Damien Melle. “Redeveloping this historic building which was an eye sore for over 30 years  shows we are dedicated to being an integral part of the community. There is nothing like Holt x Palm in  the Inland Empire, typically, customers wanting a modern, upscale aesthetic for their home must travel  to LA or OC and it’s exciting that is no longer the case. Our goal is to provide a unique and elevated  experience to Ontario and surrounding areas that was not readily available”. 

In addition to its extensive line up of services, Holt x Palm is committed to giving back to the community.  The company donates a percentage of top-line revenue to meaningful causes and has already partnered  with local organizations to support the arts and other community initiatives. 

To learn more about Holt x Palm and its offerings, follow on Instagram @holtxpalm, visit their website or stop by the shop in the Downtown Ontario Arts District at 115 S Palm Avenue  on the corner of Holt and Palm. 

Media Contact: Mia Sophia Melle, Co-founder, President and Chief Creative Officer |