200 N. Euclid Ave Project: Restaurant, Coffee Shop, and Cigar Lounge.

The project proposes to accommodate three restaurant operators that will share space within the existing building. The primary dining room will be in the Bank of Italy building with access to the outdoor dining area to the north, a coffeeshop in the Bumstead Bicycle building, and a roof top restaurant and cigar lounge above the coffee shop. The roof top restaurant will be fully covered under a new attached standing metal seam roof canopy. The primary dining room will be accessed from the main entrance on Euclid Avenue. The coffeeshop and roof top restaurant will have separate entryways located on B Street. The rooftop restaurant will be serviced by a new interior staircase and an elevator. Each floor will have restrooms and a commercial kitchen.

The outdoor patio dining area will feature a large open-air, wood burning barbeque station, small designated space for light entertainment, tables and chairs, and additional seating approximately 5’ along the Ontario Town Square pedestrian pathway under a wood trellis. A full-service liquor bar will serve patrons of the restaurant and will be accessible to the patio area. Due to close proximately to Ontario Town Square, patio landscaping will be limited to potted plants and trees.

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