Transformative Climate Communities Reforestation Project

The Transformative Climate Communities (TCC) Program funds community-led development and infrastructure projects. The City of Ontario was awarded $35 million for community-led transformative efforts in Ontario. Beginning approximately late summer/early fall of 2020, TCC  grant funding will allow for planting of new trees in and around Downtown Ontario’s Euclid Avenue. The purpose of this project is to beautify the Downtown corridor to achieve major environmental health and economic benefits. The scope of the reforestation will begin with the east and west streets starting at “B” Street and ending at “G” Street, from Laurel Avenue to Lemon Avenue, along Euclid Avenue.

Components of the Project

  • Planting of approximately 226/15-gallon trees.
  • Remove and replace concrete adjacent to the planting tree wells.
  • Provide three years of service and maintenance of the trees for proper establishment.
  • Lifetime service will be provided by in-house staff with tree trimming once every five years and fertilization of all trees every year during the first three years of life.
  • Reduce the City’s carbon footprint.
  • At maturity, trees will provide shade as well as a balanced canopy.
  • Project earmarked to be completed by in-house staff, volunteers, and, if needed, an outside contractor.
  • Tree selection approved by the City of Ontario’s Planning Department.

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